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FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we get asked reguarly

Classical Guitarists

Q: What will a solo or duo guitar act need?
A: A chair with no arms and access to electricity

Q: Will the guests be able to hear a classical guitarist?
A: Yes, all of our guitarists will use gentle amplification to enable your guests to hear themselves talk and also be able to appreciate the music. As the person booking the musician, you will always be in charge of the volume!

Flamenco Guitarists and Dancers

Q: What will I need if I book a Flamenco Dancer
A: You will need a wooden floor. If the venue does not have one, it is possible to make something quite cheaply using MDF or plywood. A dancer will not perform for as long as a guitarist, and will also need more of a focus on the act as it becomes more of a show.

Making a booking

Q: I have seen the act I like and have filled in an enquiry form. What happens next?
A: We will find out if the act you have requested is available and tell you the cost. We can also send you a demo CD of the act in the post if requested. Once you are happy with the price and all the details of the booking, we will send you a booking contract.

Q: When will we have to pay for the act we want to hire?
A: When you sign the contract, you will send it back to us with a deposit. The remaining balance is usually paid on the day to the act.

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