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Classical / Spanish

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Spanish Guitarist Dorset (GH) ID260

Styles Classical / Spanish • Blues • Flamenco

Counties Cornwall • Devon • Dorset • Hampshire • Somerset • West Sussex • Wiltshire


Guitarist and Composer

An inventive and inspiring guitarist who has a classical, blues, jazz, flamenco and industrial background. He plays all his own material and now mostly tours using acoustic guitar.
He has released a number of CD's the last being "Gothic Flamenco" on the Bronze label and his latest recorded work is called "Pure" and, as it suggests, is pure acoustic guitar (nylon strung).
Evocative titles conjure up images such as "Ebb & Flow" and "Guitar of Diamonds".

He has had many world wide reviews some of which are given below.
"He creates some of the most remarkable music you could hear from the humble guitar... I will probably end up utilizing all the words in the thesaurus under the 'brilliant' section. As a painter he would have equalled Picasso... -Rafa Dorado, "MARGEN" magazine, Spain.

"There are rhythm guitarists, and there are lead guitarists, and there is him. Most use it as an instrument; He uses it as a medium, an interface, a series of expressions so vivid they burn..." Dave W., "THE MODERN DANCE" magazine, UK.

"(Marks On The Air) showcases an artist in search of different ways of expression with an instrument on which he is extremely technically proficient... But this stuff is offbeat and out there, somewhere most of us don't venture... " JC Smith, "OUTBURN" magazine, USA.

"A true original" The Times

"Anyone who has witnessed a live performance by him will be familiar not only with his unrivalled technique on both acoustic and electric guitars, but also the astonishing variety of textures, timbres and resultant moods he can coax from his instruments. All guitar styles, from industrial-strength heavy metal, rock and blues to the most delicate acoustic finger-picking are available to him, but on this, possibly his most homogeneous album to date, he concentrates on one of his most fertile areas of operation, flamenco. Shimmering heat, sensuality and passion, unaffected joie de vivre are all employed as triggers for an exhilarating selection of pieces ranging from haunting multi-layered soundscapes to the most straightforward vigorously rhythmic celebrations of simple pleasures, all drawing on his unique panoply of effects embracing everything from electronic reverb, delay and digital echo to mechanical crickets, battery fans and shavers, and more conventional elements such as special tunings. With guests including the plangent, lyrical trumpeter Andy Hague and the soaring vocalist Tammy Payne, this is a veritable feast for aficionados of guitar music from a rare genuine original, a true master of his craft."
Chris Parker
Written for Ronnie Scotts monthly magazine

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Spanish Guitarist Dorset (GH) ID260
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