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Flamenco Dancers / Groups

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Flamenco Dancer ID280

Styles Flamenco Dancers / Groups

Counties Bedfordshire • Berkshire • Buckinghamshire • Cambridgeshire • East Sussex • Essex • Greater London • Hampshire • Hertfordshire • Kent • Leicestershire • Northamptonshire • Oxfordshire • Suffolk • Surrey • West Sussex


Flamenco dance classes and performance

"The delicacy of butterfly wings, spiralling descending and rising again".

"The joy and sadness, the strength and gentleness of each message".

She is probably best known for her concerts together with flamenco guitarist Tomás Jiménez; however, she is a an excellent flamenco dance teacher and teaching is not something that she does to fill in between concerts but is indeed for her a real passion.

She from Cartagena, Spain, holds the title of professional dancer: Bailarina Profesional, Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia, Madrid.

After qualifying she bought the academy where she had studied and ran it for several years.

Although it is true that in Cartagena she taught flamenco dance to students who were very well versed in flamenco, people who lived flamenco as a part of their lives, it is also true that now in England she is keen that all the participants in her classes should completely enjoy the class regardless of their previous experience of flamenco dance or any other dance.
Attendees will be introduced to the essentials of flamenco dance which include:

Braceo- flowing graceful arm and hand movements
Zapateado- the percussive flamenco footwork (hard soled shoes should be worn!)
Palmas " the rhythmical clapping
Castanets- several sets will be available for people to try getting their fingers around them

And most importantly: In any class by her a brief example of a flamenco dance will be studied. Participants should bring appropriate clothing: smart trousers and elegant shirt for the boys and long skirt or dress with heels for the girls and both should bring a dash of Mediterranean spirit!

She is always accompanied by her husband who is a fantastic flamenco guitarist. Click Here for more details.

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Flamenco Dancer ID280
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