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Oud Player London ID426

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He was a student at the Lebanese Conservatoire, where he studied Arabic classical singing and oud.

In August 1994, he performed with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in live concerts across the UK, fusing Arabic music with rock music - a new and adventurous step for the world of Arabic music. He was involved in the recording of a CD of this music, No Quarter, and subsequently was involved with soundtracks for a number of films, including Marie de Nazareth in 1995, which was released worldwide.

At the end of 1995, he worked with renowned Spanish guitarist Juan Martin and his group, a collaboration which culminated in the release of Musica Alhambra, a CD exploring Moorish, Indian gypsy and Flamenco musical styles.

He recently took part in a Channel 5 documentary about the classical Arabic singing style which was developed in the Alhambra Palace. At present, he is collaborating with Prince Khaled on song-writing and composition, also working on the Prince's latest album, in which he performs various styles of music including hip hop, rap, jazz, techno and country music.

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Oud Player London ID426
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