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Classical Guitar Duos

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Classical Guitar Duo London (ML) - ID588

Styles Classical Guitar Duos

Counties Berkshire • Buckinghamshire • Greater London • Hertfordshire • Kent • Surrey


As recent alumni from both the Royal College and the Royal Academy of Music, this young and exiting new duo are available for weddings, functions and concerts.
They are alumni of both the Royal College of Music, and more recently the Royal Academy of Music where they studied on the unique guitar duo course. They graduated with distinction in summer 2008 and were generously supported by MBF Music Education Awards, the Edith Blythe Trust, the Anne Driver Trust and the Lawrence Atwell Charity.

They have studied with eminent musicians such as Michael Lewin, Timothy Walker, Carlos Bonell and Gary Ryan while taking masterclasses with well-established guitar duos the Katona Twins & the Eden Stell Duo.

They are rapidly earning a reputation as an exciting new duo and have been performing extensively around Britain. In 2007, they were selected to join Live Music Now and the Concordia Foundation who supported their first concerto performance with an orchestra, at St Martin in-the-Fields in August 2008 playing Rodrigo’s Concierto Madrigal.
Other recent highlights have included recitals in the Chichester Festival, the Conservatorio Superior de Músic in Seville, the Young Musicians Platform at Kelmscott Manor and performances in the Iberian and Latin Music Society International Guitar Festival at the Bolivar Hall.

Last year they performed ‘Winter Journey’ by Timothy Bowers in a world premiere of the entire cycle called ‘The Seasons’ for guitar solo, duo, trio and quartet during which they worked closely with the composer. They also worked with Gary Ryan professor of guitar at the RCM on his composition ‘The Generator’.

Reviews and Comments

"Few guitar ensembles can match the special qualities of this duo. They play marvellously, with a glorious sound and rhythmic flare. I forecast a bright future for them."
Peter Katona; Katona Twins
"They are not only gifted players individually but together form a very entertaining and musically engaging guitar duo with a promising future ahead of them."
Gary Ryan; Composer, Performer & Professor at the Royal College of Music

Albéniz, Isaac (1860 - 1909)

Cantos de España
No.4 – Córdoba
Evocación from ‘Iberia Book 1’ (1907)
Dos Danzas Españolas op.164
No.2 – Tango
España op.165
No.2 – Tango
Assad, Sergio (b.1952)
Tres Cenas Brasileiras
Jobiniana No.1
Bartók, Béla (1881-1945)
Romanian Folk Dances (1915)
Joc cu bâta (Molto moderato), Brâul (Allegro), Buciumeana (Andante), Poarga Româneasca (Allegro), Maruntel (L'istesso tempo), Maruntel (Allegro Vivace)
Boccherini, Luigi (1743 - 1805)
Introduction & Fandango
Bowers, Timothy (b.1954)
Winter Journey from ‘The Seasons’ (1991)
Prelude, Allegro, Lento, Andante, Giocoso, Molto Moderato
Brouwer, Léo (b.1939)
Micro Piezas
Tranquilo, Allegro Vivace, Vivacissimo muy ritmico, Sonoro
Carulli, Ferdinando (1770-1841)
Serenade No.1
Largo maestoso, Allegro moderato, Larghetto sostenuto, Poco allegretto
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario (1895 - 1968)
Les Guitares Bien Tempérées, op.199 (1962)
No.4 in E major
No.17 in B major
Debussy, Claude (1862 - 1918)
Clair de Lune from ‘Suite Bergamasque’ (1890)
Dodgson, Stephen (b.1924)
Promenade 1 (1988)
Falla, Manuel (1876 - 1946)
Spanish Dance from ‘La Vida Breve’
Ford, Thomas (1580-1648)
Mr Southcote’s Pavan
Tre Polonesi Concertanti, op. 137
Giuliani, Mauro (1781-1829)
Variazioni Concertanti, op. 130
Introduction, Theme, Var. I-VI
Granados, Enrique (1867 – 1916)
Danzas Españolas op.37 (1890)
no.2 Oriental
no.4 Villanesca
no.5 Andaluza
Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907)
Lyric Pieces, op.12
Arietta, Waltz, Watchman’s song
Johnson, John (1550-1594)
The Flatt Pavin
Machado, Celso (b.1953)
Imagens Do Nordeste
Sambalanço, Bolinhas de Queijo, Motivo Barrocco, Imagens do Nordeste
Petit, Pierre (1922 - 2001)
Tarantelle (1959)
Piazzolla, Astor (1921 - 1992)
Tango Suite (1984)
Allegro, Andante, Allegro
Lo Que Vendra
Ponce, Manuel (1882 - 1948)
5 Mexican Folk Songs
transcribed by Jorge Martínez Zárate
Yvon Rivoal (b.1954)
Arrangements of Folk Songs
Valse (Mexican Folk Song), Romance (Brazilian Folk song), Zamba (Argentinean folk song)
Rodrigo, Joaquín (1901 - 1999)
Concierto Madrigal (1966)
Tonadilla (1959)
Allegro ma non troppo, Minueto Pomposo, Allegro Vivace
Ryan, Gary (b.1969)
Generator (2005)
Santórsola, Guido (1904 – 1994)
Concerto for 2 Guitars (1966)
Soler, Padre Antonio (1729 - 1783)
Sonata in D major R.84
Sor, Fernando (1778 - 1839)
L’Encouragement (1828), op.34

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Classical Guitar Duo London (ML) - ID588
Manuel Ponce - Scherzino MexicanaGary Ryan - GeneratorManuel Ponce - IntermezzoMario Castelnuovo Tedesco - Prelude in BMario Castelnuovo Tedesco Prelude in E
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