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Flamenco Dancers / Groups
Price Guide £200 - £600 for 2 hours

If you want to experience the Andalucían atmosphere in your wedding, function, or restaurant theme night, having world-class flamenco dancers and flamenco musicians is definitely a must. Packages start with 1 guitarist and 1 dancer. You can then add as many singers, percussionists, guitarists, and dancers as your budget will allow!

Flamenco Dancers
Having a group of flamenco dancers perform in the opening or during the course of an event is certainly an excellent idea of boosting the festive atmosphere of the occasion. Every flamenco dancer we offer is carefully selected from the finest professionals all over the United Kingdom. Some of our acts are regularly invited to perform the various parts of the world and could be regarded as authorities of the art. Many of them provide lessons for those who want to learn this beautiful dance.

Flamenco Musicians
You don’t have to travel to Andalucía to experience world-class flamenco. Our musicians are world-renowned, many of whom have travelled to Andalucía to learn from the best in the region. Some of these professionals have degrees in this genre and are members of companies which perform sell-out concerts wherever they go.

If you are overwhelmed in choosing which group or mix of musicians is appropriate for your event, give us a call to receive our recommendations.

We currently have 22 acts available to book in this section.

To help you refine your search please choose a geographical area so that we can provide you with a helpful list of the available guitarists.


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